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Day 0 - 1Pitch AWS Amplify Hackathon

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René Goretzka
·Feb 11, 2021·

3 min read

Who am I?

My name is René Goretzka. I am 34 years old and based in Berlin, Germany. I have high interest in AWS and Serverless.

Why do I do this project?

I attend this Hackathon to train my skills using AWS Amplify and React-Native. Nice side-effect is that I like this project and will probably continue developing it after the Hackathon.

1Pitch - Day 0

The 1-minute pitch for startups

Executive Summary

1Pitch is a mobile application to connect startups and investors. Startups have problems finding investors fitting to their idea, capital needed and industry. Investors and business angels are always searching for promising startups to invest in. Startups can pitch their idea based on a 1 minute long audio recording with additional information about the current stage, capital needed, industry and executive summary. Investors are able to choose in which industry they are interested in, what startup stage and with the amount of capital they want to invest. Based on those criteria, 1Pitch will present startups with their 1 minute audio record pitch and investors can look up more information about the idea. In case of interest, they can directly connect with the startup.


The best available estimates are that about 300,000 people have made an angel investment in the last two years in the United States alone. Source: Angel Capital Association

The U.S. Now Has 27 Million Entrepreneurs. Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

First impressions on design

You can find my first clickable design for the mobile application via this link:

Adobe XD Preview

I would appreciate your feedback on the design!

What's next for Day 1?

Continue on design and start writing the GraphQL Schema.

I hope you like my project and would love your support and feedback!

You can connect with me on Twitter @ReneGoretzka

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